moderated Re: Footer variations in individual emails

Dave Sergeant

Actual Brian there is one very important case why a poster should reply
to the sender, something which came up just yesterday on one of my
groups. Someone was offering a television spare part to another member
and told him to let him have his postal address - it could also have
required sending him payment information. This is the very sort of
information that most of us would not want to be made public in the
group (and stored in the archive for good measure). Some replies are
best kept off list.

And for good measure the member ignored my warning and sent it the
group anyway...


On 20 Sep 2018 at 8:08, Brian Vogel wrote:

I would think whichever one of these was set by the Group Owner, that
one is the default behavior when someone replies via e-mail.

I can't imagine what earthly purpose the "Reply to Sender," or "Reply to
Moderators," options  at the Group Level would have if a group is to
function as a group.  The "Reply to Sender" as default makes the group
roundabout e-mail, and the "Reply to Moderators," is some sort of weird
"everyone's moderated" status, but I don't even know what the moderators
would do with a message not really intended "for them" that comes to
them.  As a moderator I can't post as if I were someone else, nor would
I want to.

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