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The recent discussion regarding the footer variations has driven home for me, again, just how "spread out"/disjoint the various preferences and settings for are.

I realize that some of this cannot be changed due to the hybrid nature of the e-mail/web forum setup.  What would be helpful, though, is a bit of, "If you're looking for," location pointer text on the various preferences/settings pages.  A good example of this is for the the format one wishes to send messages in.  This is found on the following webpage (I'm assuming one is logged in),, but I could not find that again to save my life until Lena mentioned it.  On that page the preference in relation to this is listed as "Post Preference," which I also think is not precisely clear as far as e-mail participants are concerned.  A label such as, "Send/Post messages in the following format," with the HTML/Markdown/Plain Text choices would be much clearer.

It would be helpful, if on the Group Subscription page, there were a one line note along the line of, "For additional settings related to posting/e-mailing messages, see your Account Preferences page."  Similar notes, as appropriate to the settings page in question, pointing people to the "other pages" where controls related to the category they're dealing with on the current page are located would be useful as well.  I had forgotten entirely about the checkbox for, "I always want copies of my own messages," that's on the Account Preferences page (and only really applies to the e-mail interface, so it might start with, "If participating by e-mail."  Someone on a group I participate in was asking why they didn't receive a copy of their own messages (which I found strange, as I certainly don't need a copy coming in to my inbox of my own material) but I had no recollection of this setting at all.


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