moderated Re: Footer variations in individual emails

Dave Sergeant

On 20 Sep 2018 at 7:06, Brian Vogel wrote:

Personally, and I know this is not going to happen, I would simply
eliminate the plain text e-mail option.  It's a hold-over from an era
long gone now.  Even screen readers were long ago updated to be able to
handle HTML e-mail messages once these became the norm rather than the
You may suggest that. I for one never ever send HTML mail and try to
configure my own group preferences to receive in plain text. Yes, I can
handle HTML, but always view in plain text by preference. I just don't
want all the fancy coloured fonts and silly graphics some people
clutter their emails with. Not to mention the security issues with
dodgy html links and remote graphics.

But the plain text footer options, changed after much discussion on
here earlier in the year, are somewhat lacking. A 'reply to sender'
option is essential as some seem incapable of reading this in the
'from' line. Reply to group is unnecessary as a normal reply does just
that. And 'unsubscribe' is hardly something I want to do every day.


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