moderated Footer variations in individual emails

Bob Bellizzi

I'm sure that one of Beta's gurus can tell me why this is occurring:
A member called attention to the two variations of email footers she receives; sometimes on message from the same person:
Using a standard Member subscription, I've monitored individual email delivery over more than one week and have checked more than 50 messages.  About one in 4 or 5 show the aberrant footer.
It would seem that this first footer type is the most desirable for email replies since it has Mailto link(s)
I've removed the links for privacy.  The footer is preceded by a line of underscore  ___________
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The "other" set of links doesn't provide mailto links and is even in a different font and the separator line looks like a chain
(Note that I used notpad to remove the actual link contents so the font in not the original font in either case.

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