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On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 05:14 PM, Joseph Hudson wrote:
I think some of you're missing the point. The point was, that I was using a Mac with voiceover. Which is a screen reader that the blind and visually impaired use in order to read the screen on the computer.
And I think you miss the point, even though others (including myself) are not screen reader users that this could be a flaw in VoiceOver or Safari or, of course, the Google Survey Form itself.

I teach JAWS as one of my primary ways of making income (and am fully sighted, for the record).  The first thing I teach my students is that you cannot assume that anything is a JAWS problem versus a browser problem versus a webpage problem (and sometimes it's a combination of the two) without trying other browsers with the same webpage and other screen readers with your chosen browser, and alternative browsers, if the problem persists.

Sometimes you can find the fix is working with an alternative.  Sometimes you find precisely where the problem lies, and know who to report it to.  But that's incumbent on you, who relies on assistive technology, to be able to do the troubleshooting that, unfortunately, comes with the territory.   The world at large is not likely to know the first thing about it nor, sadly, care unless you can make them focus on the issue as exactly as you can.  Being a Mac user with VoiceOver puts you into minority of a minority to begin with position, which makes it even more likely that you will have to be able to get others to focus on what needs to be fixed once you find it.

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