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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 01:23 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:
I don't think there's any substitute for direct contact with members who behave so badly that suspension or banning - two entirely different things - are being considered.
I agree, 100%, with there being no substitute for direct contact with members who behave so badly that suspension is being considered.

Banning, though, only occurs, both in my personal opinion and in my experiences with same, for offenses so egregious and so clearly against the venue's formal rules and customs that no "direct contact" other than a notice stating, "You have been banned and cannot appeal due to [reason here]," is sent.

On one venue where I moderate, as an example, spamming is strictly forbidden.  If a member joins and their first post is spam, and unquestionable spam with not a shred of doubt about it, they are simply banned.  No notice is given at all.

For someone bends or breaks a rule, or has an uncharacteristic but serious outburst (not a simple fit of pique, which should be tolerated among adults), they get a warning, and often in public.  If they persist in the heat of that moment, they get a private sterner warning and are put on moderated status before it's sent, and are told they are being moderated.   If they persist after that, whether in a private response to the moderation notice or as soon as moderation is lifted, they're banned and sent a notice saying so, without explanation, because by that point they absolutely know why they've been banned based on what has come before.

None of the above, other than spammer banning, happens at all often.  I can only think of one non-spammer banning in all the groups I frequent in the entire time I've been here, which I think has been since opening week.

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