moderated Re: survey

Michael Pavan

On Sep 17, 2018, at 2:14 PM, Joseph Hudson <> wrote:

Michael I could've answered all the other questions. Question one would've been left unanswered which most certainly things every question is required before submitting.
The first question was:
"How many years have you been moderating groups (on and elsewhere)?"

I had no problem answering: 18 years
I might be missing something, but I would guess you could skip that or any other question and if an answer were required it would tell you that when you submitted...

Because put some want was the only thing I was having an issue with. Otherwise the survey would've been submitted.

I am using voice over, on my MacBook Pro 2000 14 model.
I don’t know anything about voice over, other than VOIP is a way to make phone call with your computer over the Internet...

What's the latest version of high Sierra. I have not upgraded to 10.12 yet.
OS 10.13.6
Safari (browser) latest is 12.0

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