moderated Re: survey

Joseph Hudson <jhud7789@...>

Michael I could've answered all the other questions. Question one would've been left unanswered which most certainly things every question is required before submitting. Because put some want was the only thing I was having an issue with. Otherwise the survey would've been submitted. I am using voice over, on my MacBook Pro 2000 14 model. What's the latest version of high Sierra. I have not upgraded to 10.12 yet.

On Sep 17, 2018, at 1:08 PM, Michael Pavan <> wrote:

I had no problem with submitting my survey on a July 2017 MacBook Pro with a fully updated High Sierra (OS 10.13.6) and Safari 11.1.2 - I just checked and see I can update Safari to 12.0 and so will do that now...

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