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If you’re talking about which parts of the group they have access to, etc., then you’re not talking about removing them, let alone banning them. You’re talking about some sort of temporary suspension.

A lot of this is semantics (what do you and the OP mean by ‘ban’). But in, ‘ban’ means they’re removed and can’t even reapply for membership. And if and when their membership is restored, they’re starting from zero and treated like a brand-new member (except that their Activity History is not wiped out). So I think what we’re all really talking about is a temporary ‘suspension’ of some sort, and for clarity in this discussion I would suggest sticking to that term. Because ‘ban’ has a specific meaning here.

On Sep 17, 2018, at 6:51 AM, JohnF via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I have seen temporary bans used effectively in general discourse forums where one or two members start posting in a heated discussion, and they really just need some time to calm down. It turns off their ability to post for a couple of days without locking threads for everyone, and when the time expires, they're automatically able to post again. If they start misbehaving again, they can be banned for longer, or eventually, you just ban them permanently.

If this feature is added to, though, you have to ask how much this ban affects. Are they also banned from subgroups? Can they still upload files and photos? Can they write to the Wiki? Can they reply privately to messages through the web? Do they still get emails if they want them, which would allow them to reply privately directly, which couldn't stop? Can they enter chats or schedule things in the calendar? By the time you think through all that, it might just be easier to moderate the members and approve their posts, removing their moderation when they seem calmer.



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