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On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 10:43 PM, YT9TP - Pedja wrote:
it actually may be the same functionality if we are able to set message explaining reason why member is suspended
A lot of this is semantics. And there is no required user notification for when they're banned or even removed from a group - each group can already set its own notification, or have none. I assume "suspended" would be the same way.

The functionality of suspension would be similar to removal or banning, but not exactly the same. A banned or removed member would, upon reinstatement, receive the group's welcome notice (and guidelines if those are sent out upon join), whereas a suspended member would simply not have access to the group's content or be able to post during suspension. The reason I suggested the suspension is exactly that: they would not be treated as a brand new member upon reinstatement. A banned member has the further difference that they can't even reapply to the group (as opposed to a removed member). They're all slightly different. 

As for what constitutes a punishment vs. warning vs. whatever, that's just a matter of interpretation and semantics.

The suspension idea would have to be hashed out as to whether reinstatement or removal would be automatic after some period of time. You can see that conversation in the thread I posted a link to. 


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