Re: setting to moderate every thread a member starts #suggestion


I just encountered another use case this morning. Our group is a science-based group on a cat disease, and while neutral discussion of unproven supplements is allowed to some extent, people are not allowed to make unproven statements about their effectiveness or recommend them if unproven, etc.

There are certain group members who have to restrain themselves in order to adhere to this rule (they're into supplements) and who tend to start threads about all kinds of unproven cures. These threads can then take off down the rabbit hole, into extreme speculation and misinformation about the supplements, including by members other than the member who started the thread. This can cause future readers to read the inaccurate statements and take them as fact. (I actually have sen instances of this. A group member will post, "I saw that xyz supplement is good for the liver" or whatever and start using it.)

This morning, one such group member - and she was fairly predictable from the start - started such a thread, and I had to (belatedly) put it on moderation. I have put the group member herself on mod, but what I'd really prefer to do is put all threads she starts on mod, because they tend to take off down the rabbit hole. I don't want to have to moderate every post of hers in other people's threads. Just hers.

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