moderated Re: send user copy of web-posted message if moderated #suggestion


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 01:34 PM, ro-esp wrote:
the author of a message that was *modified* by a moderator should get that *modified* message in his/her inbox
I agree but I think that's a separate issue. The issue here is I think the author of a message should have a copy of what he or she submitted. Not a copy of the approved message (if and when approved).

I agree with you that authors should also receive a copy of an edited message once approved, but I would put that together with the fact that currently, members receive emailed copies of an edited message that was previously approved. It has always struck me as odd that members receive an edit notification of an already existing message, but not a copy of an edit to a message that is currently going through the approval process. The latter does seem less important, since they will see the posted message (if they're using the web) and/or the emailed message (if they're using email). But it seems like a courtesy to notify them of any changes made. In most cases, I've seen the mods do this anyway, within the message (e.g. "mod edit: trailing post removed" etc.), but it's currently totally up to the mods whether to do that or not.

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