moderated Re: Subfolders for photo albums requested


No, images in a database are not attachments. 
Attachments refers to files (of any type) attached to messages.  The Database is independent of the Messages.
A database would be much more flexible than folders/subfolders.  If you want to look into using a database, we can help if we know more about how you see the images organized.  That discussion should be a new thread in Group Managers Forum.  (or perhaps privately with Drew or myself)
As far as adding a new feature to Photos to allow subfolders, that's a good suggestion.  Mark reviews this forum and may add that to his feature list for the site.



o.k. I see what you mean. We use the database for what in Yahoo was called Links. It actually is all medical information, structured like a specialist book. The photo section consists albums of our members´ pets. And the veterinary album consists of medical cases showing pets and their development under treatment. So members are used to look up cases there, and to me the detour across the database might be too arduous.


But I really must think about this. I´ll talk to my moderators, and in case they endorse the idea, I will gratefully accept your helping hand.



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