moderated Re: Change "Rejected message" to "Message rejected" in member activity log #suggestion


On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 08:10 AM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
So if it’s a log of activity - the latter 
if its a status log, the former.
ESP. I was having that exact same thought about 15 minutes ago, while making coffee, just as you were probably typing it. The fact that it's labelled an "Activity" log is a big part of what makes "Rejected message" so misleading. Plus, as you, said, "Message rejected" would be consistent with the other terms.

To the word "the" (as in "the system rejected the message"), I give a thumbs-down. We're talking about search terms. There is no "the message" to refer to. So my vote is for either simply "Message rejected" or "System rejected a message." 

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