moderated Re: Change "Rejected message" to "Message rejected" in member activity log #suggestion


“Message rejected” would be shorthand for (third person)
“The message was rejected...”
IMNHO an uggggggghhhgh  in technical writing.  
Ambiguous.... WHO did the rejecting? 
Unless it’s intentionally written 3rd person so as to obfuscate or avoid implying blame (as “mistakes were made” vs the pointed “Joe screwed up”. ) my fav I love to redline and pass out demerits on is “it was determined that......”. WHO?
Why not admit and take the credit for making the call, if that’s your job?

Plus it takes 1.5x the verbage to convey all the pertinent info when writing in the 3rd person. 

Da dum < stepping off the soapbox. 

So.... “ the system has rejected...x.. because....y” is short and to the point. 

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