moderated Re: Change "Rejected message" to "Message rejected" in member activity log #suggestion


On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 01:24 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:
In the original "Rejected message" the word "rejected" could be an adjective or a verb, but in the proposed "Message rejected" it's a verb (past tense). 
In "Rejected message," "rejected" could be either and adjective or a verb.

But in "Message rejected," rejected can't be a verb and can therefore only be an adjective. If "rejected" were interpreted as a verb in "Message rejected," "Message" would be the subject, and messages don't reject things. 

"System rejected message" is an improvement but I don't think it's necessary. "Message rejected" is unambiguous. Furthermore, "Message rejected" would be consistent with the rest of the entries.


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