moderated Change "Rejected message" to "Message rejected" in member activity log #suggestion


I think (but am not sure) that this is a recent change:  

The search terms for rejected messages all now read
"Rejected message because of [xyz]"
e.g., "Rejected message because of attachments," "Rejected message from member who can't post," etc.

These are entires in the Message Activity log, and the word "Rejected" is meant to read as an adjective. Yet they actually read as an action by a person, as if a moderator rejected the message, and that's not the case. All the rejections in these entries were automatic by the system. The only active "rejection" available in the Moderator Activity log is "Rejected pending message."

So I think the language is unclear, and I would change them all of these entires to start with "Message rejected," making the word "rejected" unambiguously an adjective rather than an action. This change would also make them consistent with the other entries in the search terms, like "Moderated message' and "Non-member message."



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