moderated Option to remove formatting from auto-sigs #suggestion


I have a new group member whose signature comes out double-spaced, which ends up using about a half page of real estate at the bottom of each of his posts - the posts themselves are often quite short. I went into his member page to fix this, but the signature in his member page appears to be single-spaced. So this seems to be something he copied and pasted from somewhere (possibly a word doc) with formatting not visible.

This may have come up before here (if so, I couldn't find the thread(, but I would like to be able to remove formatting from signatures, just as our group removes formatting from posts. This could be done with sub-option under "Normalize HTML emails" that says "Include auto-signatures." (Since with signatures the problem is not really emails, perhaps the wording could be changed to "Normalize HTML messages," with the sub-option "Include signatures" - or something like that.)


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