moderated Re: Members list without members' email addresses #suggestion


On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 03:16 PM, Don McKee wrote:
I'm looking for an option that lists the "Display Name", but  hides a usable email address.
You can't hide email addresses in You can mask them when they appear onlist, but they will always appear in the email messages. 
If users haven't set their display name, then just leave them blank or maybe replaced with "<Not Provided>"
If there's no display name, and you omit (which was one of your suggested options) rather than just mask the email address, then there's no info to display. But if you just mask (aka figleaf) the email address, there's no problem.

I changed it to imply that owners (and moderators with appropriate permissions) would still see the entire email address.
I think it's clear that by selecting "subscribers," owners and mods with the correct permission would also have access. So I don't think you need to say that. Plus, it's a little confusing to refer to subscribers with or without permissions, since subscribers, unlike moderators, are not assigned individual permissions. (Note that the next option below says simply "Subscribers," yet still implies that owners and mods with permission would see the list.)

So I think it all makes sense and is a good idea, as long as you mask (rather than omit) the email addresses and remove the part about permissions in your "subscribers, but mask email" option.



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