moderated Re: Button to temporarily swap Owner/Mod view to Subscriber view (for testing purposes)

Jim Higgins

Received from Alan N at 9/3/2018 06:47 PM UTC:

Not sure if this has previously been requested. I'm a new Group Owner, and finding it cumbersome to "see" what how the website appears to regular (non Owner or Moderator) Subscribers. I only have ONE personal email address, and would rather not have to create another one to subscribe (as a "testing profile") for my group. It would be a lot easier to have the option (under Owner or Moderator Settings) to easily swap back and forth.

I've pretty much given up walking subscribers who won't look at the HELP files for themselves thru how to do things, but if this will really help those who still have the patience then it would be a VERY GOOD THING.

Jim H

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