moderated Re: Poll option allowing subscribers to include additional answers/choices to an existing poll #suggestion


I forgot to include... "Poll has been updated" notices should be suppressed when subscribers add their own answers to an existing poll.

Actually, the option to suppress such notices might be desirable regardless of who edits or alters an existing poll. We don't need such notices to be sent out, for example, when a minor spelling error, etc is corrected.


On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 07:44 PM, Drew wrote:

Feature request: Option to allow subscribers to add additional answers/choices
to an existing poll. This option should be poll-specific, set at the time the
poll is created; not a group setting.

This would allow additional input/interaction by subscribers in polls for
which all the answers are not known by the poll creator or which are not well
defined-- basically, a survey where respondents will have the choice of voting
for existing answers or supplying one of their own.


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