locked Re: about the group-search



Is there an option for allowing non-members to send to the groups?
There is not. But you can create an email integration, which is a unique
email address, that can be used to send messages to the group.
Ah, I was wondering how that differed from the group's posting address. Very important that messages to that address be moderated (at least optionally) - which I think you said has or will be added to integrations.

I've found the ability to allow (moderated) non-member posting to be very helpful in letting would-be members or lost members get in touch with the group (they wouldn't be expected to know about the +owner address). So in that respect being able to allow non-member posting using the regular group posting address would be preferable.

At the very least non-member attempted posts should be logged, but for the purpose above I prefer the notification of a pending message so that I am alerted when it happens.

-- Shal

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