Re: setting to moderate every thread a member starts #suggestion


I thought the keyword idea was a little pie-in-the-sky and impractical. People might be asking about "large cell lymphoma" in general (to use an example more in line with my group) and not have a cat with it. We have threads all the time with people asking the difference between large and small cell. I want to moderate a lot of the threads with people who have cats with large cell and are circling the drain. I don't want to moderate every thread that mentions the disease. This would totally not work for us, even if it were practical and easy to implement (which I think is questionable).

The rest of this is semantics. I don't want to manage the "specific person" who starts the thread. I want to manage the responses to the thread, and the responders are unknown until they respond.

I think this might have usefulness in other groups, as well. It's like having a partially moderated group: conversations about certain issues are automatically moderated through knowledge of which individuals, by virtue of their specific situations, will be posting about them. The topics might be especially sensitive for some reason, or particularly inflammatory, or they might be dangerous if inappropriate replies are posted (as in our group). I'm sure there are lots of applications.


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