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Dave Wade



Whilst I think there is mileage in being able to moderate specific threads or hashtags, I think that once folks catch on you will find you end up moderating people.

When folks figure out their replies are moderated they will simply create new threads or change the subject in a different thread to get their urgent replies through.

Well they will see them as urgent, they will believe they are right, they will say so when they find you are censoring them.

Having worked in IT for years I will say that folks will put a lot of work into by-passing any rules, even if they effort in by-passing the rules is much more than simply obeying.



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On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 03:19 PM, Walter Underwood wrote:

Obviously, it is about managing specific people at specific times

Am just catching this now. No, it's not about managing specific people. It's about managing specific sensitive threads and the RESPONSES to those threads, which can come from anyone in the group. Certain people, because of their cats' conditions, will start such threads and I want to prevent inappropriate or dangerous advice being given to them by OTHER group members, whose identities are unknown until they respond.

Currently I have to jump in and catch such threads and moderate them before they catch fire. I know a priori which people have cats in such conditions, and being able to set them to have their threads moderated would be tremendously helpful.

The alternatives I have now are either to put those people actually on moderation, which I prefer not to do, because that does not allow them to participate freely in other threads; or, as I said, to try to jump in as quickly as I can after the thread starts to take off.

I've explained this in as much detail as I can at this point. Obviously it's up to Mark. The hashtag idea would also work, which I've started another thread about. 


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