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This is irrelevant to the feature request. Do your hashtags however you want. 😀

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Hallo J,

If #hashtags are written out in full then the hashtag collection could take up a lot of space in the Subject: But they are clearly read and understood.

Were you thinking of a coded a hashtag?

I'm going back to being a maintenance engineer in food factories. 
 a code like #PCY01 could mean a Pump, of type Centrifugal, in the Yard, number1
and  #VFS01 would be the oldest Forklift in the Store and is a Vehicle for maintenance and accounting purpose.
We used codes for physical Location and for Priorities, etc

For what purposes? 
An overall asset register of interest to engineer, maintenance workshop manager, accountant, buyer, top management, and production staff.
To identify a specific piece of equipment, what it is, in broad-ish terms and where it is. Production can easily identify the asset to Engineering and Maintenance, so that it can be jobcarded and allocated to the correct team.
Accounting will easily allocate any expenses to the correct beanbag.
etc etc

Maybe a mix of both concepts (#clear and #coded) would be useful


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Subject : Re: [beta] setting to moderate ever

p.s. BTW I also have decades of software design and implementation under my belt. So you can stop with the man 'splaining.

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I've already proposed an alternative solution using hashtags. See the other thread. I think Mark will understand the use case and if he doesn't, he's free to ask me. I've explained it to you in greater detail offlist.
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