Re: setting to moderate every thread a member starts #suggestion

Michael Pavan

It would also solve another problem, where I want all threads started by someone whose cat has a certain subset of the disease we deal with to have the hashtag for that subset of the disease. Often, the people fail to append the hashtag. Having this feature would allow me to do it automatically.
It sounds like you need to Moderate everyone, so that you can determine and apply the appropriate hashtag(s).

Or set up all the appropriate hashtags that match the "certain subsets of the diseases we deal with” and mandate that all messages must use one of those hashtags. I’m not sure if this is currently possible, and if it is you still would have to hope (or Moderate so) that they are correctly applied.

I doubt software could be written that would know and/or diagnose all your members’ cats and their diseases (especially if it has to be done by email) and/or if members do not yet know what "certain subset of the disease we deal with” any of their cats might have. Also how would it handle members who use the same email address for different cats who may have different ailments?

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