moderated Ability to apply hashtags to group members #suggestion


This came up in another thread, but it would be a separate feature that can apply to several situations. I'm suggesting an ability to "apply" hashtags to group members. If a member has a certain tag, then all topics they start would automatically have that tag. Possible uses:
  • the member's geographical location in, for example, a group doing sales
  • the species of the member's pet in a group about animals
  • the specific diagnosed disease of the member's pet in a group about pet health
  • the member's area of specialty in a technical group
  • etc
The ability to apply hashtag to a member would also allow moderators to apply a "moderated" hashtag to any member whose threads they want to be automatically moderated, or various other characteristics of hashtags (auto-lock within a given duration, reply to sender, etc.) depending on the member's situation.

There are probably other uses.


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