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I have been bitching and moaning to Mark for months, if not years, about the strange logging, or lack thereof, of display name changes by moderators. 

I think display name changes are logged now only when done via email, when the member posts via email and "harvests" the email name and uses it to set the display name. (This now only happens if the display name does not already exist, after I complained would keep harvesting the email name and substituting it for a purposely set display name.)

I just did a test and changed a member's display name first by the member, then by a moderator, and neither is logged. So I'm guessing the discrepancy is due to the email "feature" (which I would consider just doing away with). 

In any case, I think display-name changes should be logged like everything else, and (like everything else) logged correctly, including who made the change, and no matter whether the member or the moderator changed it.


On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 10:11 PM Tom Vail <tom@...> wrote:
I'm curious why changes made by the group owner are not recorded in the activity log like they are when a member makes the change?  For example, if a member changes their display name, their name and email are recorded along with the before and after names.  Thank makes it easy to track, but impossible to tack when an owner makes the same change.

Is there some logic to not recording the activity of the owner?  Seems to me the activity log should record all activity.




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