moderated Re: Email delivery with Hotmail and MSN




That's a reasonable assumption... as long as you also read the whole message to see WHO made the report on delivery status and WHO might be queueing (delaying) the mail. In the case where specific examples were given, it was belongs to Microsoft... as do MSN and Hotmail. And even if that isn't common knowledge, none of them are So the delivery message was telling, "I've got the mail and will deliver it to my customer momentarily." has no way to determine whether actually follows thru... so Outlook/MSN/Hotmail customers who aren't getting mail, but who have 250 status reports at GIO, need to contact Outlook/MSN/Hotmail.
Except that we know that there have been problems with some email providers (or iSPs?) before. Mark has had to reach out to the companies to stop treating the messages like spam.

At least that was my untechnical understanding!


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