Re: setting to moderate every thread a member starts #suggestion


Thanks, Mark. Obviously I can't speak for what Janet wants, I originally thought we wanted the same thing, but having re-read the thread, i agree she may well have been asking for something other than what I would like.

Yes, what I would like please is the ability to moderate the first post in any thread started by certain members. You are correct that I don't mind if they then can respond without moderation within their own threads, and I am happy for them to be unmoderated when responding to other people's threads.

This is purely because I have a number of members who are incapable of using subject lines correctly. For example, they just use a list of hashtags. (I believe such posts weren't allowed through previously, which I preferred, but it seems the subject line now becomes the hashtags). I also insist upon meaningful subject lines, but certain members can't manage those either. So I go and change them, but then people responding via e-mail end up in the original thread with the original subject line, and then I have to keep merging the threads.

In terms of confusion, I take your point. How about Moderate First Post In Any Threads Started By This Member?

Many thanks.


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