moderated Re: Messages Read from Group's pages


Okay I see
This way the taggers wouldn't have to remember to add it there themselves.
That sound like a good idea.

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From: Tom Vail
Date: 8/25/2018 12:43:48 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] Messages Read from Group's pages
-- Your group requires hashtags, 
-- You only have one available, and 
-- It locks the topic.
I know it's a kludge, and will require some training of your subscribers. But it should work.

Bruce's idea above may not be that much of a "kludge" after all.  You could include the required hashtag in the "Subject Tag" under "Message Format" (see settings) which will automatically include it in every message.  (Note I have not tested this, but we add text there which is helpful.  The only problem would be is if for some reason it strips hashtags from the "Subject Tag.")


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