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My groups were functioning fine in Yahoo groups as an email based group.
The only reason for my switch to IO was because one group depended upon the mail to be sent immediately where yahoo had many delays.
You misunderstood what I was asking.
I would like the messages on the group site to be locked immediately upon sending or a way to hide the messages from subscribers altogether.
A signature tag request group is many elderly homebound members like to send emails to their friends and grandchildren and like to put a cute fun tag with their name on it or a Grandma tag in their email. It is a tag that takes the place of just writing a name.
Now it doesn't matter if everyone receives the email at the same time. That is the nature of the group to see the offer for the signature tag in their inbox and not from the site. If they see an offer is made, they need to hunt in their email inbox, spam, trash etc for it.
I know that locked topics can be read. But they cannot request a tag from those locked topics. They need to find the original email and reply showing the complete email from the person offering the tag and that is okay and they could be doing that. But they aren't.
I don't understand what you mean by a group text message.

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Date: 08/24/18 12:07:24
Subject: Re: [beta] Messages Read from Group's pages
I don't know what a signature tag request is but it sounds like may not be a good fit for these offer announcements.  Even email is not a good mechanism as there is no way to ensure that all recipients receive the message at the same time, if that's what's intended.  I know of no way to have the message emailed but not displayed on the web site.  Even locked topics are still visible and the member can then check their email to reply directly to the poster.
A group text message with the email of the poster and info on the offer might be a better approach as that is more "real time".  
Just a thought.

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