moderated Re: Virus scanning

Sharon Villines

Rejecting is annoying, but aggressively scrubbing malware from multipliers like is good policy in my book. Moderators should hesitate and consider carefully a decision to take the "moderate" option. Letting a malevolent email loose on your group could destroy it. Look at the annoyance of automatic rejection as a price a small price paid for the convenience and pleasure you get from membership in a group.
How likely is it that a clean message will be identified as infected? We aren’t talking about spam which is identified on the basis of words used, etc. Right?

If the messages are being scanned for malware, is it safe to allow attachments? I have a large public list on which we have rejected attachments for years. Since my personal malware software finds viruses in my non-list email regularly, it certainly is still getting through whatever other email systems see it.

Sharon Villines
"Neighbors Talking to Neighbors”
Takoma Park DC and MD

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