moderated Re: Virus scanning

Dave Sergeant

I take it this has not been implemented yet Mark, I see no options for
dealing with spam other than the existing ones under 'spam control' for
which in our case 'restricted membership' is the only relevant one.

Will there be an option to disable spam checking? I strongly feel there
should due to false positives, especially in private groups which
rarely have spam issues. I only look in the activity log rarely and
only if I have issues, 'moderation' of posts is an unwelcome extra
burden which I would really not want to do. Our groups just don't
suffer from spam, I would not really want false positives to get in the
way of an otherwise excellently running service.


On 22 Aug 2018 at 22:09, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Ok, so new group option for dealing with spam: either moderate or
reject, with reject being the default. Rejected messages will be logged
in the activity log. If I reject a message, should it bounce back to the
sender, or should I blackhole it?

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