moderated Re: Virus scanning

Jim Higgins

I don't expect scanning to change anything here for me since my groups use plain text and no attachments in the first place.

Actions? Perhaps DROP ALL and DROP ATTACHMENT ONLY should be available... as well as maybe some sort of "Quarantine for Review/Moderation by Group Owner" option.

Notification? Notify Owner, Notify Sender, Notify Both seem like decent options. Notify Owner (or both) seems to go hand in hand with an action of "Quarantine for Review..." (above).

Jim H

Received from Mark Fletcher at 8/21/2018 03:24 AM UTC:

Hi All,

I've been testing virus/phishing scanning the last few weeks and I'm pretty confident that it's catching what it should. In testing, it's scanning all emails, all uploaded files and photos. And right now, if the sender is not a subscriber, it drops any emails it finds has a virus or phishing attack.

My default implementation would be to turn it on so that it blocks all emails, files and photos that it finds has a virus or phishing attempt. Do you see any reason to not do it this way?

The scanner I'm using is here: <>

Thanks, Mark

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