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Ellen Moody

I confess to not knowing where this main forum is. I also am unaware that I have any software called a timezone. 

I'm one of those who when confronted with centigrade temperatures doubles the number and adds thirty. I don't know the formula for moving from fahrenheit to centigrade. I can't imagine meters as yet: inches, feet, yards, miles. But I do have the decimal system downpat ....


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 12:12 PM Toby Kraft <toby@...> wrote:
Planned outages are posted as events on the calendar in the Beta/Main forum.  If you have your timezone configured correctly (Account -> Preferences), when you view the calendar and hover over the event, the time of the outage will be displayed in your timezone.  As shown here (I'm in Central (Chicago) timezone):

Information on what is affected by the outage is included in the event.

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