moderated Re: Virus scanning

Dave Sergeant

I have mixed feelings on this. Will it be possible to disable the virus
scanning on individual groups. Yahoogroups had virus scanning (probably
a far inferior system to what you are proposing) and we always disabled
it. Apart from the odd occasion when members had their Yahoo emails
hacked we never had any issues with viruses getting through. But my
groups are private groups with membership needing to be approved. Maybe
different for public groups.

Likewise with my email, I have disabled the server side filtering and
do it all myself with Mailwasher.


On 20 Aug 2018 at 20:24, Mark Fletcher wrote:

My default implementation would be to turn it on so that it blocks all
emails, files and photos that it finds has a virus or phishing attempt.
Do you see any reason to not do it this way?

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