moderated Re: Unsubscribed because a message to them was marked as spam

Bob Bellizzi

Thanks, & yes I track those things but also keep all emails including removed, Unsubscribed, rejoined joined, etc.
We even send an inquiry email to each one who unsubscribes for any reason asking them to tell us something about why they did so.
In about 95% of unsubscribes, we never receive a response to that.
Many of the responders say something intelligent like, "I set for individual emails and I've received too many"
If they are lurkers, we don't encourage rejoining but if they are contributors or actively seeking help we try to reach out and re-direct invite them.

I and my other owners/moderators/mentors have been operating this group for almost 20 years, long before Yahoo swallowed either e groups or ecircles, whichever came last.
I wasn't complaining.  I was just indicating that there has been a drastic reduction in the number of spam tagged messages and members recently.
Sometimes drastic changes indicate success & at other times, they might be flags indication something went wrong.


Bob Bellizzi

Founder, Fuchs Friends ®
Founder & Executive Director, The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

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