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This is not working well for my group. A member typed a current hashtag incorrectly in an emailed message this morning, and she emailed me offlist 12 hours later to ask me why her message had not yet been "released" and asked me if I could release it.

I was perplexed because (a) she's not on moderation, and (b) THERE WAS NO RECORD IN ANY OF THE LOGS of her even having sent a message. I even wondered whether she had mistakenly sent it to another group, and asked her to check, and I asked her for details. She wrote:

"I put the wrong hashtag and it had me go to the site to change it and re-submit. When I did that it said it was being held for the moderator to release. I did it twice today with the same result. I will just resend it through my email with the correct hashtag."

To me this is unacceptable. She had tried to use the #large-cell-lymphoma hashtag, but instead typed just #large-cell. 
At the bare minimum, I think mods should have some sort of notification that this occurred, or at least just a log entry. At best, the message should indicated that members can't create their own hashtags in the group (I'm not sure whether it already contains that info - it's possible the member didn't report that part of it to me).  

I'd actually prefer a straight-up bounce to this behavior. 



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