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As for migrating people over from other groups services, for my purposes it would be easiest if I could just have an email address to hand out to people who want to migrate over or join as a new member.  Something simple like groupname-join@groups.io and for leaving, groupname-leave or groupname-unsubscribe.  A lot of the people in my most active groups are not technically savvy. Most won't ever go to the group site and will only receive messages via email or on their smartphones.  So they want it as easy as possible to join or leave a group.

We already support the full list of email commands, just like Yahoo, except that we use a '+' instead of '-' before the commands (so groupname+join@groups.io, etc).

We migrated two groups from yahoo over to wiggio.  It was torture for some of these people to go to wiggio and set up an account then figure out how to find the group to join it.

You never have to go to the groups.io website to set up an account if you don't want to.

A customizable footer at the end of each message that goes out through the group would also be very useful for my groups.  Something that can be set up as the group default by the group owner/moderators and changed over time as needed.

We have that as well.

We also use a lot of stored links, files and spreadsheets in our groups as well as photos that get sent via email.

We support attachments in emails already. We do not yet have a dedicated links or files section.


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