moderated Re: Change of Appearance

Jim Higgins

It's a nice width - same as I remember or close enough - when my browser (Firefox) is full screen (1280w X 1024h), which is my norm. Then as I slowly shrink the browser width it gets smaller until at about 85% screen width it gets suddenly quite a bit (disproportionately) larger, then gets smaller from that point as the screen is shrunk further until it disappears suddenly at maybe 55% screen width. I can't say I've ever seen behavior like that anywhere before. Not a problem at all, just saying because it was really strange... all of which I'd never have noticed if it hadn't been mentioned.

Jim H

Received from Mark Fletcher at 8/17/2018 04:06 PM UTC:

I tweaked the size of the sidebar in some instances to hopefully prevent word wrapping when it becomes too narrow. With the framework I use for the website, I'm a bit limited in the sizing of columns, so for particular browser widths, it could appear larger than necessary. Expanding or shrinking the width of your browser will change it.

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