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This response is a bit OT, but the contrast is just too overwhelming not to mention: a couple of days ago I had to join a yahoo group because of a cat situation. I managed to get into my old account somehow and join (not an easy accomplishment - as some of you might remember, there's no "send me a link to log in" over there;) Every single one of my posts was delayed by hours or even, in one case, by an entire day. A couple of them posted relatively quickly, and of course out of order, resulting in a completely asynchronous conversation. It's like a complete disaster over there! I had really forgotten how bad things were! I posted something to the effect that my posts were being delayed (that post itself was delayed lol), and someone posted back, "Yahoo is a free service and we get what we pay for." I wanted to say, " is also a free service, and when the site goes down even for an hour we get several days notice and banners go up informing everyone that posts will be slightly delayed, and there is an explanation for the downtime, etc." But of course I had to resist the impulse. Last time I tried that in a yahoo group, they shot the messenger. (Six months later, they moved to on their own. They sent me an invitation lol.)


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