moderated Closing a Poll automatically

Beth Weld

My group extensively uses polls to vote on various items, but we also use polls to take attendance every day during a multi-day meeting.  If the meeting lasts 3 days, then we have 3 polls, and the members should only be able to vote in the actual day's poll during that 24 hours. We have members all over the world so currently use the Central Time Zone as the official "day".  The issue is that someone has to manually close a poll at the exact time to limit the activity of the members voting in the wrong poll (should be voting in the next day's poll for example because after midnight in CST).

I have been asked to request a new feature that is very important to my group:  We need a way to automatically close a poll at a certain time without manual intervention.

I have also been asked to request another new feature - the ability to set up a poll in advance and have it "open" at a requested time without manual intervention.  I figured that this one would be harder to implement in the current structure so am making it a separate request.

Thanks a lot

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