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Peter Simpson


We need to migrate from Yahoo Groups and were just at the point of pushing the "Transfer" button (having paid for a subscription), when several of my colleagues noticed this on the Purchase page:

I've copied some of their observations below, please can you let me know whether you understand their concerns and what can be done to allay them?

If I were to turn this into a request it would be that " does not exploit its commercial platform to further a political agenda and that it would make a public policy statement to this effect".

Regards, Peter

Expressed concerns about support for indivisible

"The last thing we need is another partisan social media company. I’m not sure if this is a show stopper but it is a bit of a ‘red flag’ for me. We should have our eyes open about what we are going into here."

"I don’t know what indivisible is. If it’s a radical political or religious organization I’m going to be uneasy as well"

"Our group is non-political and I would hate for our members to become involved in or associated with any political cause simply by belonging to ASCOMTalk."

"If review of the TOS is unrevealing then I think that we need to get a formal response from administration that members of our group will not be subjected to political messages from them or anyone else. Also that our members' contact information will not be harvested and sold, given away, shared, or used by them for any purpose whatsoever beyond the administration of their site. This includes making members' contact info available to other groups on the site."

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