moderated Re: #photos - name list confessing when assigning owner to photos

Chris Jones

On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 09:50 PM, Tom Vail wrote:
When you edit a photo/album and try to reassign a new owner the list that comes up seems to be in Joined date sequence, not alphabetical.
FWIW anyone selecting Move (to relocate a specific photo to a different album) runs into the same problem; the list of albums presented to select a destination is ordered by creation date, rather than alphabetically.

In a way I understand it, but it still seems a bit odd when selecting Directory presents members in alphanumeric order of Display Name and selecting Photos presents albums in alphanumeric order of Album Name.

As an aside. editing an album name will change its position when Photos are displayed if the initial letters are altered, but the drop down list presented when moving a photo remains unchanged because editing an album name does not change its creation date.


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