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Tom Vail


As a "one-man show" (and a well-done show I might add), you have members tugging at you from all directions because to them their suggestion is the most important one out there.  We all know that is not true, but from the "users" point of view, there is also the question of "Did Mark read this, what does he think, and is he going to do something about it?"  And then the question is "When, and where does it fall on the list?"

The use of a lot of different hashtags will require a lot of searching and sorting, both for you and the user.  I think your time would be better spent with a simple system, allowing more time to do the real work.

So from a "user support" position, which I did for many years, I would suggest a "simple" to-do list and a couple of additional hashtags.

To-do list:  Create a Wiki page with your to-do list which is in priority order of what you are working on.  Sort of like the list you likely have on your desk.  The list would include the area it effects, maybe comments on the complexity of the task, and the original message number. It would include both current projects and the wishlist. So an example might look like this:

Current projects:
#photos - name list confessing when assigning owner to photos (17900) - simple fix, should have done by 8/15/18
Rewrite File management interface (marks project) - massive project, hope to complete by end of year

Wishlist (Items I will get to as time allows, in priority order):
Add 3 new widgets to the message board
Remove the Hashtag tab if hashtags are disabled.
Add font size the message editing box

The format needs a little work, but you get the idea.

New hashtags:  Add just a couple of new tags to show the status of the request, such as:
#WikiToDoList - means it is on the above Wiki to-do list and users can go there to see the status
#MarkRead - means Mark read it, and will respond when/if needed

Don't need to get real detailed, but just let folks they are being heard, and provide a simple way to see where potential projects are on the list.

None of this would include things like the email fire you just put out.  There is no need to do more then you did, just tell people there is a problem you are working on, and then when it is fixed.

Tom's 2 cents worth,


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