moderated Re: Calendar overly updates repeating events. #suggestion

Michael Pavan

On Aug 6, 2018, at 10:52 PM, Rick Steeves <> wrote:

I have an event that occurs on the following the 3rd Friday (which isn't always the 3rd Saturday).

My usual process is to create the (repeating) event on the 3rd Saturday, and then edit the occasional incorrect event to change the date to the appropriate Saturday on the months where the Saturday that follows the 3rd Friday isn't the 3rd Saturday.

OK. So if I go back and need to change the calendar event for all events, I edit the calendar event. It then replaces the event on all of the 3rd Saturdays.
Another work-around would be to create it as a 3rd Friday event with the event name "Day after 3rd Friday 'event'" - not very satisfying, but less labor intensive.

I thought such an event might be unusual, until I realized that I know of 2 events that are the first Saturday after Labor Day
- the 5th day after the 1st Monday [in September] and repeats every 12 months.

Also, Federal Election Day in the United States of America is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November
- the 6th day after the 1st Monday [in November] and repeats every 24 months [even years].
Some States also hold elections on that date every year, or every other but on odd years.

I suggest adding a "Days after"

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