moderated Re: #photos - name list confessing when assigning owner to photos


If you keep hitting the "S" key you will cycle through all the names that begin with S. However, the photo album Owner names are just users' Display Names, which are not unique. For example, there could be multiple "Jim" and no way to distinguish one from another.

Users who have not set a display name are easier to ID as their email name (preceding the @) is shown in lieu of a Display Name. I'd suggest that both the users' display names and their email names be listed for photo album ownership reassignment. That way we'll be able to tell one Jim from another...

But even with these two suggestions it is not practical to edit photo album ownership in a group with more than a handful of members.


On 08/06/18 16:50, Tom Vail wrote:
When you edit a photo/album and try to reassign a new owner the list that comes up seems to be in Joined date sequence, not alphabetical.  If you type in the first letter of the name, S for Smith, it goes to the first occurrence of that letter, but if there are other "S's" who joined earlier, it will not find them, it just keeps going back to the first S as the search starts at the top of the list again.  I believe the problem would be solved if the list was alphabetical.

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