moderated Suggestion: Default date for Date field in database table should be allowed to be empty or different that current date #suggestion

YT9TP - Pedja

I am creating table in Databases and found strange issue: when I set date field in table, on creating new row it is by default populated by current date, and there is no option to change that. However there is checkbox to set if answer in a field should be required (which is obviously useless).

I do not want field populated with current date. For my specific purpose, I want it left empty until it is decided to be filled in. If it is filled with current date, that is wrong information for that particular field and may lead to one who updates records to overlook that date should be entered (actually fixed).

It is also possible that one may need default date to be different than current date.

So, my suggestion for improvement is user to be allowed to set default date as he needs it whether set it to empty or set for any other date.

On second thought, that maybe good to have option to set default value for all other field types too.

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