moderated Re: #owner email addressing #suggestion

Toby Kraft

"Career software person" - same here.
Smidgen refers to the amount of info being added to the body of the approval message = 1 email address already known at the time the message is being created, obviously, since it is being sent to that email address.
If Mark has farms of servers, he undoubtedly has a way to push production code to them.
But we digress...
The issue came up in this thread where Shal and I were trying to help Lenny find his group that he may or may not have created.  Shal suggested that Lenny may be logged into an email address other than the one used to create the group.  I suggested looking for the approval email or searching for the group and sending a message to the "owner" address as 2 means Lenny could use to discern the "creator" email address.  When I realized that messages sent to the "owner" address do not have the destination email address in the To: field, I posted a suggestion here to do so, and that, prompted the 2nd idea to simply add the "creator" email address to the approval message.

With any luck, Mark will close this thread now.. :)

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